Renovation and Repairs

Christchurch Exterior can add value to your existing property by transforming outdated brickwork into a modern sleek easy maintenance rendered home.  We also love to work with the homeowner on repairs, refurbishments and repaints to existing cladding. 

We have repaired countless buildings in Christchurch and are experts in epoxy crack injection.  Where we evaluate the extent of damage, provide a solution and complete the work to a high standard. 

We also re-clad existing direct fixed homes by installing a new cavity cladding system to meet the latest building regulations. We work with local builders and architects to help facilitate the entire process.

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. If your home is in need of a repaint for general maintenance purposes or you want to update your homes colour scheme we can help.  We can provide scaffolding for access, repairing chips, damaged walls and reinstating your homes first defence against the elements.